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The Archaelogical Area of Dion

Dion is located 30 km away from Cape Blue Apartments  is best known for its


great ancient Macedodian sanctuary of Zeus and city much of which is visible


in the Archaelogical Park of Dion and the Archaelogical Museum of Dion.

In the Archaelogical Museum of Dion you can admire statues, votive and


tombstones, coins and various other objects that the excavations in the 


sanctuaries, large thermae revelead. One of the most important exhibits of


the Museum is Hydraylis, one of the oldest known musical instruments. It


dates back to the 1st century BC. and is the oldest of its kind that has been


found so far. It is the first key instrument of antiquity and a precursor to the


ecclesiastical organ of western Europe.

At the Ancient theater of Dion during the summer takes place the well known


Olympus Festival which hosts many cultural events as concerts,


theatrical plays etc

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